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Get A QEEG Brain Map  and Evaluation  In Butler, PA

Find out if neurofeedback is right for you.

Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus And It’s Impact On Your Life.

We know this is a difficult time in the world, one that is unprecedented. The coronavirus has not only affected the economy, but also caused heightened fear, stress and depression among Americans. And soon we could see a crippling shortage of medications that everyday Americans rely on to lead normal lives.

Fortunately, neurofeedback offers a viable and potentially permanent solution to help reduce or eliminate these conditions. It also offers and alternative to medications, one that could have long lasting benefits. 

We are dedicated to protecting our patients during this national crisis. 

Start With Our qEEG Brain Map.

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If further action is recommended, such as neurofeedback sessions, we will schedule an appropriate time for an in-office appointment.

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